Youth Band Competition for University and Tertiary Institution Students
“The HKIE Fiesta 2017 - Youth Band Competition” is one of the stage performance activities at the upcoming “The HKIE Fiesta 2017” (the Fiesta) organised by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). With the theme of “Our Future 2035”, the Fiesta will be held on Sunday, 11 June 2017 at the Star Hall of the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.  

In order to keep the crowd in a high spirits and create the feeling of a fiesta, the Youth Band Competition will be organised in the afternoon.  Students from universities and tertiary institutions will be invited to form bands to perform on-stage.  Each band will be invited to play one song in the Competition.  Three awards for, the Champion, the First Runner-up, and the Second Runner-up as well as five special awards for, The Best Vocalist, The Best Guitarist, The Best Bassist, The Best Drummer, and The Best Keyboardist will be given.
Guest judge : Joey Tang
Sunday, 11 June 2017
Competition time:
1:30 pm
All contestants should be current full-time students of local universities / tertiary institutions.
Each band shall consist of 2 to 6 members.
All styles of music are welcome in the competition.
The songs can be covers or originals and lyrics can be in any language.
Prizes and Awards
Champion :
A trophy and cash prize of HK$3,000
1st runner-up :
A trophy and cash prize of HK$2,000
2nd runner-up :
A trophy and cash prize of HK$1,000
The Best Vocalist :
Cash prize of HK$500
The Best Guitarist :
Cash prize of HK$500
The Best Bassist:
Cash prize of HK$500
The Best Drummer :
Cash prize of HK$500
The Best Keyboardist:
Cash prize of HK$500
Application Procedure
Participating bands are required to submit a demo video with one of their participating songs (format: MP4 / mov; resolution 1920 x 1080) and submit the completed application form to the Corporate Communications Section, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers by email at on or before Monday, 8 May 2017.
Judging and Auditions
The HKIE President, a professional musician from academia and respected figures in the engineering industry shall be appointed as judges of the competition.
Decisions of the judging panel shall be final and irrevocable regardless of circumstances.
The final schedule of the competition will be announced on the event website and each band will be individually notified by email.
Shortlisted bands shall each be given 10 minutes including set-up to perform ONE songs on stage. All styles of music are welcome in the competition.
Rules and Regulations
The HKIE will provide the following standard items which all bands can use:
Public Address System
Drum set
Sound Mixer
Synthesiser / Keyboard
Contestants must bring their own guitars, if they are using this instrument, and are welcome to bring along any other of their own musical instruments.  Contestants should advise the organisers of the type of musical instruments they will bring for our on-site arrangement.
If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Mr Derek CHAN of the Corporate Communications Section of the HKIE Secretariat at 2830 9061 or email at
Important Notes
The HKIE reserves the right to make changes regarding the rules of competition, place, time and itinerary without prior notification.
In case of dispute, the decision of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers shall be final.
Substitution or swapping of contestants and change of names or groups will not be permitted after the submission of application forms.
The HKIE reserves the rights to the usage of any photos taken during “The HKIE Fiesta 2017 – Youth Band Competition” for publicity purposes.
The personal data provided in this form will be used solely for “The HKIE Fiesta 2017 - Youth Band Competition”.  Contestants have the right to request access to and correct the personal data as stated in this form in accordance with Sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

To make such request, please mail a letter in writing to the address below:

Corporate Communications Section
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
9/F Island Beverley
No. 1 Great George Street
Causeway Bay Hong Kong

(On the envelope please write the subject, “The HKIE Fiesta 2017 - Youth Band Competition”)
The participating songs should contain nothing that is abusive, defamatory, libellous, obscene, fraudulent or illegal.
All participating bands must agree to give permission to the HKIE to use their name, image, video, demo songs and the songs played in the competition for promotional purposes.